Arts in Bartlett Community Room, 215 S. Main

Friday, July 7, 7pm.  Julianne Q & The Band

About the Band

Julianne Q & The Band are dedicated to infusing soul into their own brand of pop-rock. Lead by the songwriting, keys and vocals of Julianne Q, this group is on a mission to put the soul back into popular music. With the insane talents of Jimmy Provan (bass), Ricky Hendrix (guitar) and Jeff Mills (drummer), The Band breathes edgy rock and roll into the music and makes these original tunes come to life.

Make it a date night! Come out and hear the soulful sounds of Julianne Q & The Band. Go to and see for yourself. 

Get your tickets now. $10 for one, $15 for two tickets in advance online or at the Arts Center, 215 S. Main. $5 more at the door. Two free drink tickets for adult beverages and soft drinksSee ticket button below.

Julianne Q Tickets